Dried Wood Ear Mushrooms


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This mushroom is slightly chewier than other mushrooms and requires half an hour soaking time before use if not adding them to soups. The Chinese, who value a combination of textures in their dishes, make great use of this mushroom. They are also known as cloud ear, silver ear or tree ear.


Good looks sometimes fade so fast. Young and dried the Wood Ear is charcoal black on top and palomino on the bottom. The edges are frilled and they look like blooms from a dashing steampunk boutonnière. Add water and they suddenly look like strips of cheap brown leather. Ugh.Looks be damned. For the Wood Ear black fungus it’s the flavor and texture that’s so darn hip. Buy Wood Ear Mushrooms Online

Like the Cloud Ear Black Fungus the Wood Ear mushroom is eaten for medicinal purposes and for texture more than flavor. It’s called the Wood Ear because when it grows out of trees and dead wood it has the appearance that the wood is growing many little ears. As such, it is believed in Eastern medicine that the mushroom is excellent for improving hearing (as well as good for circulation). Dried Wood Ear Mushrooms for sale

The mushroom has a cartilaginous, crunchy texture that’s rather unique. (You’ll definitely hear it when you chew it. Maybe that’s how it fixes your hearing?) It also adds textural appeal to soups and stir-fries. The flavor is a bit mild, sweet, and somewhat earthy. Buy medicinal mushrooms online usa

The Wood Ear seems to act like a sponge for spicesherbs, sauces, and vinegar. Each piece you eat is a crunchy, frilly flavor bomb. Due to this, we think the Wood Ear pairs wonderfully with sour dishes with lots of vinegar and a heavy hand of chili peppers.


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