Mexican Mushrooms

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Take 1g and wait for 3 hrs
45-60 mins
 Duration 4-5 hrs

 The Psilocybe cubensis mexican strain was originally found in southern Mexico in the region of Oaxaca, just outside of a small village. The mushroom was growing in the dung of cattle. The strain was noted to be a good producer, growing in dense clusters, with very few aborts.


Buy Mexican Mushroom Online USA

Buy Mexican Mushroom Online USA  The Mexican truffle is one of the most popular magic truffles of this moment and very suitable as a first encounter with a mushroom trip. The Mexicana is known as mild species, which doesn’t mean that the magical effect should be underestimated. A truffle trip with the Mexicana is generally experienced as: Euphoric A feeling of release Intense colors Light hallucinations can take pace A relaxing truffle trip can bring you insights into yourself or others. Mexican Mushroom for sale online

Why Buy Mushroom Online 

Many users prefer for their first experiences the Mexican Magic Mushrooms because they offer a complete psychoactive experience with a gentle impact in the body. You’ll feel joy, fun and euphoria and experience visual hallucinations just with approximately 5 grams of fresh mushrooms and 15 minutes after consuming it. The effects enlarge your creativity and original thoughts, your social behavior and good feelings. You’ll get visuals hallucinations, both with opened and closed eyes: shapes colors variations, as well as fractals and forms. Mexican Magic Mushrooms There are nice and warm sensations that fades out slowly and quietly. There is no weird feelings attached. The effects, from the 8 to 15 grams (fresh), use to last between 4 and 6 hours. Mexican Magic Mushrooms  for sale online

Origin: This strain was completely unknown to the West until it was unearthed by the same person who discovered LSD in the 1950s, and has since emerged as a worldwide favourite.

Potency: Ideal onramp for first-timers, the mexicana provides an authentic psychedelic experience in the form of a more manageable high than some of the more potent strains.

Effects: Characterized by a happy and energetic trip, Oaxaca Gold is notable for its ability to stimulate creative and philosophical thought.

 Trip Report

Ingested 5.5 grams

“His body was huge but his head small, and far, far away. It was funny. Or, actually it wasn’t, but I laughed at it anyway. He had a cigarette in his hand, and he was asking me for a light. I wasn’t able to give it to him, though. When he put his cigarette in his mouth, it looked like he put it into his eye, and smoked it through his eye. L was listening to some music on the MP3-player that I had brought. I saw him laughing at me at some point, and his smile became broader and broader, until it was all over the place. J’s face had earlier on become long and stretched. It was all cool.”


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12 reviews for Mexican Mushrooms

  1. Ayman Calderon

    Diversity is the name of this game. It’s the perfect package for those who have no idea what they’re doing. Sample sizes small enough to not be overbearing. Perfect delivery.

  2. Tobi Ho

    I never liked mushrooms when I was young but now I’m fine I’m saying I’m old I love these mushrooms all day high, so peaceful and the best thing is this is the best thing they came to my mailbox from despensory thank you

  3. Jayden-James Hulme

    So much fun! A real lift after a lousy day. Beautiful.

  4. Eoin Albert

    These are great for beginners and others. Nice clean cozy buzz. I recommend eating 2 grams.
    Thanks guys!

  5. Elijah Hale

    Syzgy is a very manageable gem. Personally, I would suggest that you perhaps step up with these as there are many awakening experiences waiting for you if you dare.

  6. Loren Mackay

    A great way to meet all the different genres out there.

  7. Eve Giles

    What a great time! I wish I could choose 6 of my own picks but I can’t complain. Quality was great.

  8. Declan Marks

    I can’t wait to try these. It is very useful if you are a beginner. I’d love to take a note of what to expect from each and which one you suggest you do first for a hassle-free experience. thanks

  9. Wyatt Jenkins

    I bought mushrooms for the first time. I am glad that this breathtaking experience has improved my life impressively!) I have realized many things, my mood has improved, I do not feel stress. It’s like a holiday but cheaper) Make a gift to your brain because it feels like mushrooms are massaging it.

  10. Willa Senior

    Prices are a little high but the product was good. The variety of the sampler was the selling point as it was my first time buying online and I couldn’t decide. I would definitely recommend both the product and the site.

  11. Roscoe Houghton

    I am very happy with this order, the price is not bad and it is great that you get more than one strain. If this is your first time ordering, or if you want the best variety of mushrooms you can’t buy, I highly recommend it even if you are extremely surprised and satisfied.

  12. Morris

    If I know someone who wants to buy mushroom online in usa for the first thing I recommend is this place. Greetings from Argentina! Son lo mejor! Tengo una foto con el español, un genio, pero me la guardo para nosotros.

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