Origin Mango Psilo Gummies (0.25g-1g)

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South America 
 Duration 2-4 hrs


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Made from Amazonians

Origin: One of the most popular and widely available strains on the market. They originated in the Amazon jungle of South America.

Potency: 1g/4g total of full-spectrum blended mushrooms infused into 4 delicious gummies. 0.25g/1g psilocybin per gummy.

Effects: Visual distortions, enhanced colors, lightness or giddiness, and powerful emotions. People also report feeling euphoric, spiritually in-tune, and perceptive.

Ingredients: Natural Flavouring, Glucose, Beet Powder, Tumeric, Hibiscus, Annato Seed, Citric Acid, Sugar, Psilocybin.

 Trip Report

Ingested 2 grams

“My carpet was swaying and breathing and waving. I could see these waves rise up in the carpet and flow out. I barely made my way to my bed and put my playlist on spotify. I laid on my bed with my headphones and closed my eyes. I let the music take me through these rooms of bright colors and architecture. Each sound created a color and space and feeling. I was understanding the story of each song and why the artist made it. some times it would just be a beat and black and white and the synthesizers would create rainbows and fill the room. It was really beautiful.”

7 reviews for Origin Mango Psilo Gummies (0.25g-1g)

  1. Sabine

    kind, and also let you know of the preparation for the trip beforehand. Even have a list of parks to trip in haha!! Truffle itself did its magic.

  2. Alanna

    Mothers Finest, take it you won’t regret it, special thanks to the gummies u got me tripling .

  3. Violet

    I’ll make this quick, I actually didn’t try any of the mushrooms here, but I was told if you want to experience the best Hallucinogens using mushrooms this is the place to go.

  4. Eloisa

    the person working was extremely helpful 🙂 he was so explanatory that we almost forgot what we were going to buy

  5. Malissa

    I wish I got his name to thank him but the man behind the customer service online was very warm and listened to my previous psychedelic experiences and recommended my first truffle accordingly , highly recommend this shop if you’re starting out bc they’re very informative

  6. Elma

    Store is interesting to look around, sells a wide range of items, and most importantly, the staff seem well knowledgeable on the consumable items they sell.

  7. Beau Marko

    very informative Spanish guy who gave me advice on how and were to take the gummies for the best possible experience. I had an amazing time, forever thankful to him and the business. Thank you guys for what you do! 10/10 I’ll be back

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