Penis Envy Mushrooms

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South America 
Take 1g and wait for 3 hrs
45-60 mins
 Duration 4-5 hrs

Penis Envy has higher levels of Psilocybin compared to other strains, it is one of the best mushrooms for experienced psychonauts. Penis Envy mushrooms have thick, dense, fleshy stems and bulbous caps.

Users can expect a wide variety of possible effects and sensations, from the mystical, euphoric and revelatory to the hyper-spatial and mind-alteringly observational. Some have report unlocking ever deeper doors of perception, time distortion, hallucinations both when eyes are closed or open, synesthesia (i.e. “seeing” sounds and “feeling” colours) and in some cases, fractal surfing, living geometry, cosmic entities and even stargates.


 Penis Envy Mushroom

Penis Envy Mushrooms is a Psilocybin Mushroom which is highly potent Penicillium Kava root strain. This variety is a descendant of the well-known Penis Envy, which is known for its strength. It’s said as being the most powerful of such Penis Envy varieties, and also its name comes from its likeness to the human reproductive function. Incredibly thick stalks, highly damaged blue color, and light, immature caps that occasionally become blue characterize these small, sluggish fungus. buy Penis Envy Mushroom online

Their coloring indicates that they contain more psychedelic. This strain seems extremely rare due to the shorter life performance and increased demand due to its potency. Furthermore, envy mushrooms produce extremely few spores, making it difficult for the variety to spread via microbes. Penis Envy Mushrooms for sale usa

Penis envy produce exhilaration, pleasure, and contemplation. It’s an intriguing method to calm down and start a discussion when you’re feeling uneasy or anxious. Penis envy mushrooms have great social advantages. Its strain is believed to boost your personality in public contexts and give you a higher sense of well-being, in addition to stimulating your mind and keeping you highly active. That’s the fungus you would like to eat if you’d like to think deeply and coming up with great ideas. order mushrooms online usa

The mutant penis envyZ’s extreme effectiveness can be linked to its genetic structure (a mixture of the iconic penis envy with albino PE), as well as its sluggish mechanism, which encourages more serotonin synthesis. In addition, its penis envy mushroom contributes to its increased potency. Penis envy mushrooms can be taken in a variety of ways.


Because of the intensity and thickness of their seaweeds, Penis Envy Mushrooms for sale Oregon  are a magical mushrooms gardener’s dream. Nevertheless, but like anything, there are many advantages and disadvantages to cultivating Penis Envy Mushrooms. The biggest disadvantage or drawback to knowing how and where to produce Penis Envy Mushrooms would be that they were among the most challenging P. Cubensis kinds to produce.

These Mushrooms have one disadvantage: they produce extremely few seeds, and it’s most likely owing to their morphological traits. In gathering enough germs to generate a viable spawn pri, a self-storage farmer would require a large number of buy Penis Envy Mushrooms usa.

Another disadvantage is whether this biological line was artificially chosen, making Penis Envy Mushrooms more susceptible to infection. This variety would almost certainly not even have lasted in reality, as individuals take roughly 25% lengthier to colonize and attach. The pinning frequency for this mushrooms would be around twice those in other psychedelic mushroom kinds. For such an initial phase, they also require particular circumstances. The introduction of a protective layer, and also substrates with high relative humidity, are two examples.


Many multiple recognized Penis Envy varieties may be produced today, even though its genesis still seems to be unknown. (Once again, this is subject to local laws and varies where you’re from.) Beginning in the 1970s under Stephen Pollock, various mycologists other genetic suppliers have attempted culture loneliness just on Penis Envy breed. It’s worth noting that the strength overall Penis Envy strains are significantly greater than that of all those other Psilocybe Cubensis strains. A summary of each follows:

Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms have the pale yellow appearance of the Albino PF type, and their crowns are occasionally stained bluish gray. In general, albino Penis Envy mushrooms were bigger than Penis Envy mushrooms.

Penis Envy Sliced Mushrooms: this variety, which is claimed to become the most effective of all Penis Envy types, has a few distinct qualities. Its Penis Envy Cutting Mushroom Type is distinguished by caps which does not release whatsoever, even when the large crystals are mature. In contrast, the heads are thicker than those of the standard buy Penis Envy shrooms .

Trans Envy Mushrooms for sale– a fungal spore dealer dubbed ‘Spores Laboratory’ isolated this kind. With delicate bright orange stalks and moderate crowns, they look more like a Transkei Magical Mushroom. Its Penis Envy variant is also a little less strong than the others.

Whereas the morphological traits and active ingredients of these alterations differ significantly, the strength from all Penis Envy variants is significantly greater than those of many other P. Cubensis variations. Penis Envy types, like Golden Professors Mushrooms, require longer to develop and bloom than several other strains. As a result, they have a higher serotonin content than most other varieties.

Appreciating every step while expecting a flawless timeframe, like with any design phase, is crucial to having a positive perspective. Penis Envy ought to be capable to be grown in 2 months given systematic plan and investigation. While nothing is certain when it refers to Natural Beauty.

Origin: Steven Pollock, created it from a unique mutation of the Amazonian Cubensis from Terrance McKenna.

Potency: Known to have a higher amount of Psilocin and Psilocybe. It is recommend for advanced users.

Effects: The high is powerful and an immersive experience comprised of euphoric discovery. You’ll have a higher appreciation for music or art.

Trip Report

Ingested 2.5 grams

“As I sat back down on the Stargate bench and drifted off, I felt the psilocybin ripping through every cell of my body until the density of my physical body dissolved away and I became a full light body. By transforming into a ball of light-energy I was fully able to surf through Hyperspace.”


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15 reviews for  Penis Envy Mushrooms

  1. Milli Magana

    This type is my favourite, albeit a bit pricey. Long-lasting and strong, easy to consume. Beautiful visuals and deep emotions.

  2. Anam Pemberton

    Very strong tension. I took two trips with penis envy and ate about 2g on both. They come in full force after finishing the ramp which takes about an hour and a half to 2 hours. At one point, I was a puddle of people unable to form sentences and struggling with even the simplest of tasks. They have a very gradual decline and I would say the easiest “hangover” I’ve had on mushrooms. These guys will make you happy! You may experience some solid visuals at the peak and there may be times when things can get hectic depending on how much you eat. Definitely a treat worth every penny for experienced veterans, not just beginners!

  3. Kohen Griffin

    These little puppies kick. I’ve been microdosing with them in my own little way, and I’ve found that even eating some of the stem makes me feel a little refreshed. I haven’t ‘stumbled’ on them yet, but if a 3g trip with golden teachers has taught me anything, looks can be deceiving. use with care.

  4. Christian Wallis

    I loved my experience with these. I didn’t find the experience as intense as some of what I’ve read online, but that’s not a criticism. Colors have never stood out so much and I really felt like I learned from this trip. I strongly recommend!

  5. Loren Knowles

    Penis Envy mushrooms, as advertised, a 1 gram trip with them was a much more potent experience than a 2 gram Golden Teacher. My advice to potential buyers is not to overdo it the first time. Start with a small journey or you may regret it!

  6. Tilly Bevan

    I really liked these. I tried several different strains, these are my favourite. For beginners, 1 g is enough. Ate 2 during one night tour it was great!

  7. Kuba Flower

    An excellent experience. Compared to the last PE I ate, I thought they were stupid as they took quite a long time to kick. An hour later I decided to double the dose and that was the best mistake I’ve ever made.

  8. Marni Hall

    The second time I took these, the dose was only 1.5 grams and I had a deep experience with buffoon beings who gave me clear, authoritative life advice. Ask and you will get. These taste good like mushrooms I’ve eaten in the past, just very mildly nauseous, and I had no trouble regulating my body temperature. Mind-blowing perfection.

  9. Aviana Payne

    It was really intense when we first tried this! We also tried Mongolian magic, but we found that penis envy was much more than what we were looking for. Will definitely order again unless something stronger.

  10. Juliette Spooner

    We were 3 people consuming these mushrooms and we both felt tired and wanted to sleep all day. It’s not the journey we’ve been waiting for.

  11. Jamila Barnes

    Excellent product!!! It is true that it has a deep shamanic influence. It’s more like ayahuasca but not as intense but close enough. And the main thing is to never take psychdelic on an empty stomach. I will never repeat it, it is too dangerous for us.

  12. Adeline Kramer

    I made a qualitatively different journey with these than I did with other genres…oddly lacking in visuals, but compensated for that with an effortless sense of elegance and ease of spirit. Physically, it was the easiest journey of my life. I felt like I was vibrating so high that I lost 80 pounds. I felt completely satisfied and re-aligned with a 2-gram ride. I think I’ve gone beyond needing hero doses to get the effect I need, but getting high potency mushrooms is definitely worth it.

  13. Keon Brown

    I found the incredible tension very smooth, enlightening and spiritual. We look forward to raising the dose.

  14. Lyle

    Super helpful woman working at the store helped us pick out some great mushrooms and gave us yummy chocolate to go with them. She told us exactly what to do and we followed what she said and truly had one of the greatest afternoon/experiences of our lives. Magical ❤️ thank you so much!

  15. Wallace

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