Super Thai Mushroom

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Take 1g and wait for 3 hrs
45-60 mins
 Duration 4-5 hrs

Super Thai is found in Koh Samui, a beautiful and small island in the south of Thailand. When looking at various sites, notably Erowid, mycotopia and Shroomery, you will find that people report that Super Thai has a strong head or mind high. It can also be a bit confusing at the beginning because after half an hour or so you might think it has not kicked in until you all of a sudden, it does and it triggers your visuals almost immediately. Once it kicks in, the high seems to be quite pleasant as described by many who take it for the first time.


Buy Super Thai Mushroom Strain Online

Buy Super Thai Mushroom Strain Online. This strain of cubensis from Thailand is a real winner. Its very resistant to contams, is a very fast colonizing strain and the fastest fruiting strain of cubensis we have seen. It tends to grow some very thick mushrooms with large caps. Although they don’t grow real tall, they make up for height in thickness. Some times it tends to grow some nearly shaped mushrooms, but we hear the stranger they grow the more potent they are with this strain :). Its potency is phenomenal for a cubensis. We’ve heard nothing but great reports back from people that have experienced its gift. Many friends have claimed it to be the most potent cubensis they’ve tried yet, saying they are very “twisted”, and asked for these specifically by name the next time they were ready to journey. You’ll need to be the judge of that for yourself. Another group of friends have dubbed them “the cloud mushrooms” you’ll see what I mean when you enjoy viewing the clouds on these. It’s no wonder why in Thailand they have the full moon festival every month where thousands gather to eat this sacred mushroom and experience God-Within together.

Where To Buy Magic Mushrooms Online | Buy Super Thai Mushroom Strain Online USA

If you seek a mild and beginner-friendly magic mushroom strain, Thai is your magic mushroom. Experienced psychonauts know, communicating with other people, especially those not tripping with you during your first ever magic mushroom trip can be difficult. If you are afraid that can happen, Thai is one of the safest options for you. They are mild in potency, which allows you to have a more social trip, also Thai magic mushrooms can be quite energetic (as much as magic mushrooms can be energetic).

Origin: Super Thai is found in Koh Samui, a beautiful and small island in the south of Thailand. It is said that this strain was first named and brought to the west by ethno-mycologist John Allen 1991.

Potency: Known to be an extremely potent strain. It is recommended for experienced users.

Effects: Once it kicks in, the high seems to be quite pleasant as described by many who take it for the first time in Koh Phangan. It can be an amazing (some say life-changing) experience.

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11 reviews for Super Thai Mushroom

  1. Javier Potter

    These mushrooms are nature’s gift to us and buymushroomonlineus does a great job of making them very well available to us. Good job guys.

  2. Kacy Wilkinson

    Great experience. Definitely worth another purchase.

  3. Ivie Fischer

    Just Wow! Reinforce the sense of touch (I had a great night with my wife) repetition is an option

  4. Harrison Mcphee

    I didn’t know much about Thai Koh Samui Super Strain until I actually tried it and boy was it a good idea. It was like I could finally see the real world around me. My only regret is that I didn’t order more. Will order more precisely.

  5. Monika Fulton

    I took 1.5g and cried for a minute to express my gratitude. This is the best strain ever for me.

  6. Milton Hatfield

    The only ones I buy. I’ll keep on buying them for as long as they keep their shop open.

  7. Atlanta Lawson

    I wish they were cheaper but also very, very worth the price. They’re not for beginners, that’s a true statement.

  8. Kit Chase

    Yum yum just make sure to start with one gram very strong excellent product.

  9. Dario Hughes

    Wow, do you want to reset your negative thoughts, that’s the mushroom of it, it makes you look at the world absolutely differently.

  10. Mack Hanna

    One hundred%! I was very pleased with this purchase and how fast and professional they were. Absolutely great!

  11. Cassandra Chen

    These were incredible and helped me out after a super stressful week of work, pipes burst and the list goes on! Great visuals and incredible enthusiasm will buy again!

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